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Support fair maps at the Hamilton County Commission! Be present at the Hamilton County Commission meetings during this vital redistricting session to advocate for fair districts, fair elections and stronger communities. Click HERE for details on upcoming meetings.

The Hamilton County Commission will host a community redistricting meeting Wednesday September 22 at 9:30 AM, 4th floor of the county courthouse. If you can’t attend in person meeting find it on YouTube.

Redistricting in Tennessee: An explanation of how the system works

2021 HCDP Virtual Reorganization Convention

Saturday, 75 Democrats gathered virtually to elect the leadership team that will guide the Hamilton County Democratic Party for the next two years.  Initially, the HCDP Reorganization Convention was scheduled for April.  However, in response to the Covid pandemic the Tennessee Democratic Party delayed county conventions until August.  The alarming rise of local cases and hospitalizations made it necessary for the Party to hold its biennial meeting using the Zoom platform.  HCDP Chair Rodney String stated his satisfaction with the online Reorganization Convention.  “It took some work, but our team did a great job of creating a safe online experience that was engaging and interactive. We were able to hold out elections and caucuses to do everything that we need to accomplish,” said Strong

The new leadership team is as follows:  Chair Rodney Strong, Secretary Therese Tuley, and Treasurer Alix Thornhill. 

In addition, Using the Zoom, participants were organized into virtual breakout rooms to elect Executive Committee District Representatives.  HCDP District boundaries are identical to the districts of the Hamilton County Commission.

District One – Don Deakins, Barbara Burns Fredrickson

District Two – Lea Anne Wiles, Jackson Rogers

District Three – Chuck Wilson, Pat Branham

District Four – Sean Nix, Rachel Beardsley Campbell

District Five – Cynthia Coleman, Dennis Milton Clark

District Six – Frank Maurizio, Lynn Newton

District Seven – Al Douglas, Alison Dooley Salayko

District Eight – Candy Corneliussen

District Nine – Ryan Scofield, Jeanie Stearns

Check out this video on how the Convention will operate

The Hamilton County Democratic Party is taking the alarming rise in Covid cases in the region as a very serious concern.  With an abundance of caution, the HCDP Executive Committee has approved a framework for handling its biennial Reorganization Committee as an interactive online event.  Originally scheduled as an in-person event at the South Chattanooga Youth and Family Development Center on August 21, the virtual meeting will take place on August 28.

The HCDP Reorganization Convention takes place every two years and serves to elect local party leaders.  At the August 28 meeting, participants will vote on the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary as well as district leaders for nine Hamilton County districts.  Only registered voters are allowed to participate.  The new leadership team will sign a pledge to fully support the Democratic Party and its candidates.

You must be a registered voter who lives in Hamilton County. Pre0registration is required and includes a pledge to the Democratic Party.

The Tennessee Democratic Party will kick-off its statewide The Party Is Here Tour in Chattanooga, this Saturday, July 10 at 10 AM at the Kingdom Center at 730 E. MLK Blvd (behind the Urban League).

The kick-off rally will feature Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Hendrell Remus as the keynote speaker. Also appearing will be State Representative Vincent Dixie from Nashville, RaCarol Woodard from The Equality Alliance, State Representative Yusuf Hakeem, Chattanooga Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod and State House District 29 Candidate DeAngelo Jelks.

Following the rally, attendees will have the opportunity to canvass voters on behalf of the Democratic Party and Candidate DeAngelo Jelks.

All Democratic voters and supporters are welcomed to attend this inaugural rally of the statewide The Party Is Here Tour being initiated by the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Co-hosting this event will be the Hamilton County Democratic Party, the Chattanooga Young Democrats and the Greater Chattanooga Democratic Women’s Club.

We have changed the location of the June 10 HCDP Picnic. The picnic will be held at Tacoa Park on Tacoa Avenue in Brainerd near the Brainerd Golf course.

(This is a change from the original White Oak Park location).

The event time is still from 5PM to 8PM. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided.

Bring your lawn chairs and join us for this event which kick off the celebration of Juneteenth which occurs on June 19.

Please RSVP so that we may know how many to plan for.

If you have any questions or concerns, call me at (423)322-2041 or email me at rlstrong@epbfi.com .

We will see you at TACOA PARK.

Yours truly,

Rodney Strong


Hamilton County Democratic Party

We’re planning a picnic to celebrate the significance of Juneteenth in African American history. Also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, or Emancipation Day (in Texas). The date marks the arrival of the news of the emancipation of the remaining enslaved African Americans in the Confederacy.

We will provide some food and drinks for folks who want to a drop-in basis. We will start at five PM. The specific location will be shared soon.

Watch the Videos of the Mayoral Candidates

February 8 Candidates: Lon Cartwright, Russell Gilbert, Tim Kelly, George Ryan Love, Erskine Oglesby, Robert Wilson, and Dr. Elenora Woods

February 10 Candidates: Monty Bruell, Wade Hinton. Andrew McLaren, and Kim White

The Hamilton County Democratic Party and the Chattanooga Young Democrats are sponsoring a Mayoral Candidate Forum over two nights on Monday, February 8, and Wednesday, February 10, from 7PM to 9PM on Facebook Live.

The forums will present 14 of the candidates for Mayor of the City of Chattanooga with 7 candidates each night. The candidates will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves and then answer questions about the key issues facing the city. Those who are watching on Facebook Live can submit questions for the candidates.
The forum will be moderated by Dr. Michelle Deardorff and Professor Chris Acuff of the UTC Department of Political Science and Public Service.

The lineup for each night of the forum is as follows:

Monday, February 8 – Lon Cartwright, Russell Gilbert, Tim Kelly, George Ryan Love, Erskine Oglesby, Robert Wilson and Dr. Elenora Woods.

Wednesday, February 10- Monty Bruell, D’Angelo Davis, Christopher Dahl, Wade Hinton, Chris Long, Andrew McLaren and Kim White.

HCDP Chair Rodney Strong stated that, although municipal elections in Hamilton County are non-partisan, “we want to remain engaged and relevant in every election cycle. We are pleased that our forum has attracted 14 candidates for Chattanooga Mayor.”

For further information, visit the HCDP Facebook page or email hcdp.us@gmail.com.

Our Billboards Are Up!

Thanks to a group of supporters who came together to financially support this project, 6 billboards are up that salute the new President and Vice-President. Thanks also to graphics artist Lynn Newton (pictured) for her design.

An Unprecedented and Shameful Assault

Today, we have seen an unprecedented and shameful assault on our precious democratic tradition of a peaceful transfer of power following a national election. Those who participated in the mob violating the sanctity of the certification of the Electoral College should be condemned and prosecuted for the unlawful attack on our nation. We must redouble our efforts to protect this precious democracy that we have held dear since the adoption of our Constitution in 1787. 

Rodney Strong

Chair, Hamilton County Democratic Party

Loyalty to Democracy versus Loyalty to Party (or One Man)

It is shameful that Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, Senator Marsha Blackburn and Senator Bill Haggerty are attempting to undermine American democracy by supporting the outlandish efforts to overturn the will of the voters that was expressed last November. The facts are clear – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 81 million votes and 306 electoral votes against the 75 million votes and 232 electoral votes for Trump and Pence.  

Fleischmann, Blackburn and Haggerty should acknowledge the result and move on. That is the American way. 

One of the realities of the democratic process is that in any given election, there is a winner and there is a loser. The democratic process can only survive when those who participate accept that reality and respect the result. That doesn’t mean the losing side has to be happy. Nor does it mean that they can’t work for their beliefs even harder until the next election. But to draw into question, the legitimacy of the outcome, undermines the solid foundation on which American Democracy has been built. Following that path, opens the door for the loss of the very freedoms that men and women have fought and died for since 1776.

Despite the unfounded and false claims of voter fraud, the facts show something quite different. In each of the states in question, the vote in November showing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the winners of the electoral votes in those states has been reviewed and verified. The claims that have trumpeted by those seeking to raise questions have not been supported by verifiable evidence. This has been made clear by the fact that despite these claims and despite 60 lawsuits challenging the votes in the various states with not a single one of those 60 cases have survived in the multitude of various courts where the issues have been raised. In many of those court proceedings, the attorneys representing those who would overturn the electoral results have chosen not to include a claim of fraud in their pleadings. All of which indicates that there is no validity to the claims being disseminated. The rulings in those courts have been by a mix of judges including Republican appointees and Trump appointees.

The decision by Fleischmann, Blackburn and Haggerty to support the effort to overturn the result of the elections in various states is an act that weakens the democratic process this country has relied on since the adoption of the Constitution in 1787.  

Sadly, their decision to object to the Electoral Votes that have been certified in certain states appears to be based on a denial of the reality of this last election and is a decision that was made in order to curry favor with one man.

We need better representation than this. They should show their loyalty to the rule of law and the Constitution by changing their decision and respecting the certified results of the Electoral College. If Fleischmann, Blackburn and Haggerty are unwilling to support the Constitution, they should be replaced.

Rodney Strong

HCDP Chair

Flip the Senate with Wins in the January 5 Georgia Runoff

Flip the Senate – get behind our neighbors in Georgia!

The best way you can help is to get engaged with the campaigns of Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock in the Georgia runoffs January 5, 2021.

Take Action – Warnock for Georgia https://j.mp/3k4ldpG

Run Your Ossoff Daily Phone Banks Jon Ossoff for Senate https://j.mp/36gMHDq

Early Voting in Hamilton County is October 14 – 27


  • Brainerd Rec Center: 1010 N. Moore Road; Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Collegedale City Hall: 4910 Swinyar Drive; Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Election Commission: 700 River Terminal Road; Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Hixson Community Center: 5401 School Drive; Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

If you experience or witness problems at the polls, contact the Voter Protection Hotline from TNDP

The Hamilton County Democratic Party invites you to 
Kefauver 2020: A Virtual Gala

Thursday, October 1   |   8 PM EDT

Featuring  keynote speaker TN State Senator Raumesh Akbari

Introducing our local Democratic candidates for 2020

Closing remarks by the Honorable Yusuf Hakeem
Tennessee House of Representatives District 28

Tickets for this unique interactive virtual event are $50.
Sponsorships are $500

Annie Hall and Yusuf Hakeem, Gala Co-Chairs
Rodney Strong, HCDP Chair

        It was alarming to see Facebook posts showing attendees at the recent Lincoln Day dinner failing to follow the widely recommended practices to reduce the spread of COVID19. Not one person pictured at the local Republican Party’s annual fundraiser was wearing a face mask or practicing appropriate social distancing. 
        In this time of the COVID19 crisis, people are looking to their leaders for answers and directions. It is incumbent on those with leadership responsibilities to be aware of the influence their actions can have on the decisions that people make that directly affect their health and the health of those around them. By acting together as a community, we can more quickly navigate the treacherous waters we find ourselves in and arrive at a safe harbor.
          The public health experts across the nation have made it abundantly clear that the best protocols to follow to avoid the spread of COVID19 is to take steps that reduce the passing of the disease from one person to another. These steps include wearing a face mask properly, avoiding large gatherings and maintaining safe distancing when in personal contact with others. If everybody follows these guidelines, we can get COVID19 under control and more quickly resume a normal way of life.
          The images that have been displayed from the Hamilton County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday night show a failure to exercise the leadership that is so desperately needed during this time. The images of community leaders gathering in a large group with no one wearing a mask, no exercise of social distancing and personal contact without protective measures being taken sets exactly the wrong kind of example for this time. 
         The risk to the health of those present and to those who may come in contact with them cannot be overstated. 
         While a fundraising event is always important to an organization, in times like this, the better course is to take advantage of the technology we have and to do such events virtually. This protects those at risk and prevents COVID19 from being spread even further.  If there is an insistence on doing an in-person event, show some real leadership by example by following the recommended guidelines from the CDC and other public health experts.
          That is why the Hamilton County Democratic Party is committed to avoiding large in person events. Even with the planning for the annual Kefauver Dinner, the planning is for a virtual event to avoid the unintended consequences of an in-person gathering.
           Everyone in a leadership position should commit to set a good example by our actions and the steps we take to avoid the spread of COVID19 and to bring about a successful conclusion to this tragic episode in our history.

Rodney Strong
Chair, Hamilton County Democratic Party

Why is Sheriff Hammond Is Unwilling to Support an Open and Independent Investigation and Review?

The recent revelation of the disturbing video of the treatment of Reginald Arrington during his arrest makes it apparent that a thorough and objective investigation is immediately necessary to determine what happened, why it happened and whether the actions of the deputies warrant any disciplinary action.

Sheriff Jim Hammond apparently chose to sit on the information and take no action.

When the matter was brought to the attention of the District Attorney by the Public Defender representing Arrington, the DA chose to initiate an investigation by an outside agency to determine what next steps need to be taken.

In the call for an independent and transparent investigation, the DA is right. For the Sheriff, to object to such an investigation is wrong.

The behavior of the deputies in this instance requires an objective and transparent review of the facts and circumstances of the arrest of Reginald Arrington. Anything less invites the suspicion of a cover up and a concealment of the facts.

The only way to instill public confidence in the outcome of an investigation is to let an outside agency make an unbiased determination of whether the deputies acted properly or not.

If Sheriff Hammond is unwilling to support such an open and independent investigation and review, it is time to get a new Sheriff.

Rodney Strong, HCDP Chair

A Clarion Call to Action

The horrific and tragic events of the last month – from South Carolina to Louisville to Minneapolis – have given us a sad reminder that the racism that has plagued our nation from its inception is still embedded within our society. For all the progress that was made during the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s, there is still much work that needs to be done to root out the vestiges of racism that remain of a part of our institutions. The outpouring of protests that followed on the heels of the tragic and senseless murder of George Floyd shines a bright light on the need to have an honest and frank examination of what steps and actions we need to take as a society to eliminate hatred and violence based on the color of another person’s skin.

The voices that are being raised in protest can be a harbinger for positive change if we will only listen and then act. We all need to listen to those whose life experience has been affected by the racism that many of us never experience for ourselves. Only after listening to those who have lived through that experience can we begin to find a way to address the problem.

Reach out to those who have been most affected and listen to what will be a painful truth. And then begin to find ways to actively resolve and root out the systemic racism that continues to prevent this nation from being the nation we dream it can be.

As Atticus Finch told Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, you must walk a mile in another person’s shoes to truly understand them.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party stands with all organizations and people who seek to dismantle the racist systems that are destroying so many lives. Join us and stand together with us as we work together to bring true justice and peace to our community.

Rodney Strong

Chairman, Hamilton County Democratic Party

Last Thursday, the Hamilton County Democratic Party elected Rodney Strong to be the new party Chair. The HCDP County Assembly met using a secure teleconferencing system provided by the Tennessee Democratic Party to hold the special election to replace outgoing Chair Khristy Wilkinson who resigned in April. 75 HCDP precinct leaders elected Strong by acclimation. Strong will complete the term of office that will expire in 2021.
Rodney Strong is a lifelong Democrat who resides in Red Bank with his wife Lynn. He is a retired Assistant District Attorney with the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office and currently serves as a part-time magistrate. Strong has been a key supporter of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre where he has acted and often serves backstage production duties. He is a current member of the CTC Board of Directors.
He is also a long time member of First Baptist Church (Downtown) where I serve as a Deacon, Sunday school leader and member of the Sanctuary Choir.
Upon his election, Strong stated “I look forward to working together with my fellow Democrats to build a better community for all. A community that is inclusive and dedicated to justice for all. Dennis Clark served as acting Chair but will resume his role as Vice Chair. Treasurer Melody Shekari and Secretary Larry Miller are the other HCDP elected leaders.

For up-to-date, reliable, and accurate information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), residents and organizations can call the Hamilton County Health Department’s hotline at (423) 209-8383.

HCDP General Assembly Meeting All Democrats are welcome to attend, but only duly elected members of the County Assembly (all precinct leadership) will be allowed to vote on official business.

HCDP Executive Committee Meeting This is the regular monthly meeting of the HCDP Executive Committee. District representatives and those specified in our bylaws can vote. Other Democrats are welcome to attend.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party will host its Democratic County Presidential Convention on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Chattanooga Convention Center, located at 1150 Carter St. in Chattanooga to select representation from the county to attend the 3rd Congressional District Convention on March 21 where they will select the delegates to the DNC Convention in Milwaukee, WI. The deadline to submit your declaration of candidacy to become a delegate is February 20. See this event on Facebook

Ever think about running for office? Now is the time to make your dream a reality, and we’re hosting a workshop where you can learn how to get started, and what’s on the ballot in between now and 2022.

We’ll have special guest speakers and engaging and informative discussion about what it takes to win an election. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, email us at hcdp.us@gmail.com.

Executive Committee Meeting, January 2, 2020

Every month, leaders from the Hamilton County Democratic Party come together to make decisions and govern our organization.

Members of the Executive Committee are expected to attend a regular monthly meeting, to be engaged in the activities at the precinct level, to report on the activities happening in their districts at regular monthly meetings, and to convene with the General Assembly on a quarterly basis.

The Executive Committee consists of 2 Precinct Officers (demonstrating gender parity) from each of the nine County Commission districts. Additionally, representatives from the JFK Club, the Greater Chattanooga Democratic Women’s Club, the Hamilton County Young Democrats, as well as a member of the Chattanooga Area Labor Council, also serve as members of the Board. In addition to serving on the decision-making body of the HCDP, members of the Board of Directors should function as the lead organizers for the Precinct Officers and Members from the district or organization they represent.

On Monday November 18, 2019, the Hamilton County Democratic Party will host the 45th Annual Kefauver Gala in honor of the late, great, former TN Congressman and Vice Presidential candidate, Estes Kefauver.

From 4:30 – 5:30pm, we will host a VIP cocktail hour with special guests. VIP tickets are $150/person. General admission will begin at 5:30pm. General Admission tickets are $125/person. If you’re interested in becoming an event sponsor, there are multiple levels of giving, from $1500 to $10k. All sponsors receive VIP admission.

Please visit https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kefauver2019 for more information and to purchase tickets.

The event will include a seated dinner, live music, and appearances by Democratic elected officials from Hamilton County and the TN General Assembly.

Your generous contribution to our organization will not only help us support Democratic candidates in 2020, but continue to increase civic engagement in Hamilton County between elections cycles.See Less

During this summit, we will focus on the Democratic message for the 2020 election cycle, gain information from each presidential candidate platform, hear from 2020 state candidates, and local candidates.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party County Assembly will meet on Thursday, November 7, 2019 beginning at 6:00pm. The meeting will take place at the Kingdom Center at Olivet Baptist Church, which is located behind the Urban League at 730 E. M.L. King Blvd. Chattanooga, TN. 37403. Parking and entrance are in the rear of the building.

One of the big topics for the evening will be the Delegate Selection Process for the DNC Convention in 2020. Super Tuesday is right around the corner, so it’s time for us to get organized around our favorite presidential candidates!

We are also very excited to announce that the 45th Annual Kefauver Gala will be held on Monday November 18th at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now! Please share the event with your friends and family – this is our biggest event of the year, and the funds we raise will help us keep the doors open and support our local and state candidates in 2020. Click here for more info or to purchase tickets: https://hamcodems.com/kefauver-2019/.

We will need a quorum to conduct business. If you are unable to attend this meeting, please let us know as soon as possible that you will need an excused absence. If you no longer wish to serve as a member of the Executive Committee, please send us a notice of your resignation as soon as possible.

If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact our office directly between 11am and 4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to make your request; or you can send us an email. HCDP HQ is located at 1089 Bailey Ave. Chattanooga, TN. 37404. Our phone number is 423-266-4125, and our email address is hcdp.us@gmail.com.

Next Meeting is October 3

Every month, leaders from the Hamilton County Democratic Party come together to make decisions and govern our organization.

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend a regular monthly meeting, to be engaged in the activities at the precinct level, to report on the activities happening in their districts at regular monthly meetings, and to convene with the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis.

Join Hamilton County Democrats at Chattanooga PRIDE 2019! We’ll be marching in the parade and hosting a booth to register voters and encourage Democrats to vote in the upcoming election cycle. If you’d like to march with us in the parade, or volunteer for a little while at our booth, please contact us at hcdp.us@gmail.com.

Please join us for this Democratic meet & greet with special guests James Mackler for US Senate, and TN political commentator Holly McCall.

Come out for this meeting, then stay for the debate! 6:30 for the meet up, at The Palace Theater

September 5 | 6 – 8 PM | Kingdom Center on MLK

Every month, leaders from the Hamilton County Democratic Party come together to make decisions and govern our organization.

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend a regular monthly meeting, to be engaged in the activities at the precinct level, to report on the activities happening in their districts at regular monthly meetings, and to convene with the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis.

The Board of Directors consists of 2 Precinct Officers (demonstrating gender parity) from each of the nine County Commission districts. Additionally, representatives from the JFK Club, the Greater Chattanooga Democratic Women’s Club, the Hamilton County Young Democrats, as well as a member of the Chattanooga Area Labor Council, also serve as members of the Board. In addition to serving on the decision-making body of the HCDP, members of the Board of Directors should function as the lead organizers for the Precinct Officers and Members from the district or organization they represent.

The Executive Committee meets on a quarterly basis. The EC is made up of 4 Precinct Officers from each voting precinct in Hamilton County. Precinct Officers work to organize all the Democrats in a voting precinct – to build a strong community of like-minded people within a geographic area using tools and resources provided by HCDP. Precinct Officers should work as a team in their precincts to keep Hamilton County Democrats engaged, informed and involved. As a member of the Executive Committee you should feel empowered to attend monthly and/or quarterly meetings, participate in committee activities, and to take on other leadership roles as well.

First Annual Labor Chattanooga Labor Day Parade & Picnic!

This will be a fun, family-friendly event to celebrate the everyday working people who make our city run! We will parade down Market street, learn a bit about our local labor history and then have big ol’ family picnic at Coolidge Park.

We’ll have:
FREE BBQ! CALC T-shirts! Raffle prizes! Info about our trade apprenticeship programs! And of course, the fountain and carousel for the kiddos!

9:30 – COFFEE + “What is Labor Day all about?” (meet at Mad Priest Coffee downtown on Cherry St.)
10:00 – PARADE down Market street sidewalk to Coolidge Park
11:00-1:00 – Family picnic at Coolidge Park!

On Saturday August 10, from 9am until 12pm, the Hamilton County Democratic Party will host a Democratic Leadership Summit for all Democrats interested in learning more about the 2020 election cycle, and getting more involved in the mission of registering and turning out Democratic voters. The Summit is hosted by HCDP District 4.