HCDP Reorganization Convention 2021

Democratic Party Leadership Team Elected at the Virtual Reorganization Convention

Saturday, 75 Democrats gathered virtually to elect the leadership team that will guide the Hamilton County Democratic Party for the next two years.  Initially, the HCDP Reorganization Convention was scheduled for April.  However, in response to the Covid pandemic the Tennessee Democratic Party delayed county conventions until August.  The alarming rise of local cases and hospitalizations made it necessary for the Party to hold its biennial meeting using the Zoom platform.  HCDP Chair Rodney String stated his satisfaction with the online Reorganization Convention.  “It took some work, but our team did a great job of creating a safe online experience that was engaging and interactive. We were able to hold out elections and caucuses to do everything that we need to accomplish,” said Strong. 

The new leadership team is as follows:  Chair Rodney Strong, Secretary Therese Tuley, and Treasurer Alix Thornhill.  In addition, Using the Zoom, participants were organized into virtual breakout rooms to elect Executive Committee District Representatives.  HCDP District boundaries are identical to the districts of the Hamilton County Commission.

District One – Don Deakins, Barbara Burns Fredrickson

District Two – Lea Anne Wiles, Jackson Rogers

District Three – Chuck Wilson, Pat Branham

District Four – Sean Nix, Rachel Beardsley Campbell

District Five – Cynthia Coleman, Dennis Milton Clark

District Six – Frank Maurizio, Lynn Newton

District Seven – Al Douglas, Alison Dooley Salayko

District Eight – Candy Corneliussen

District Nine – Ryan Scofield, Jeanie Stearns