Election Districts for Hamilton County

Hamilton County voting is organized by several layers of districts. Cities within Hamilton County are: Chattanooga, Collegedale, East Ridge, Lakesite, Lookout Mountain (TN), Red Bank, Ridgeside, Signal Mountain, Soddy Daisy, and Walden. Cities may have their own districts within a municipality. For example, Chattanooga has nine city council districts.

At the county level, Hamilton County is organized into nine districts for representation. There are five seats for representation in the Tennessee House of Representatives – Districts 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30. Tennessee Senate District 10 is predominantly in Hamilton County, but includes a part of Bradley County. Senate District 11 is within the County.

We are represented in Washington as a part of the 3rd Congressional District. This district also includes all or part of 10 other counties. Tennessee, like every state, electes two United States Senators.

A Primary Election is a nominating election. Winning the party’s nomination is the first step in the election process. It narrows the field in a political party to one individual for a specific office. A General Election is the election in which all voters make the final choice from among the party nominees and the independent candidates for a specific office.

School Board and City Offices are not elected by political party
affiliation in the State of Tennessee (unless a city charter
expressly permits a primary for a city office).