Meet Our 2020 Candidates

There are five Democratic candidates from Hamilton County who are running for office in the November election. One incumbent and four political newcomers are running for office in Hamilton County this year. The Honorable Yusuf Hakeem is running to retain his seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives serving District 28. Representative Hakeem won the seat in 2018, replacing JoAnne Favors who retired after many years of leadership in Nashville.

New to the political fray are four passionate and capable candidates.

Meg Gorman, an essential worker as a manager at Whole Foods. She seeks to unseat Chuck Fleischmann in the U.S. House of Representatives, District 3.

Glenn Scruggs is Assistant Chief of Police for the Chattanooga Police Department,. He is running for Tennessee State Senate District 10.

Joan Farrell worked for 37 years under a United Steel Worker contract and is a proud USW affiliate member today. She seeks to replace incumbant Robin Smith in the Tennessee House of Representatives. District 26.

Joseph Udeaja, a chemist and clinical pharmacist by training, is running ifor the Tennessee House if Representatives in District 30.

If you are interested in running for office as a Democrat in Hamilton County, we can help you. All of the current HCDP officers have been candidates in recent elections. We will also put you in touch with folks who can provide services and help you campaign as staff or volunteers.