A Dollar A Day for Democracy

A Dollar A Day For Democracy

It seems like a small price: A DOLLAR A DAY.

For less than the price of a daily cup of coffee, we can take the fight to preserve our hard-won rights to presidential, senatorial, congressional, and local elections in Tennessee in 2024.

A Dollar a Day can help us:

•  demand fair treatment for all our citizens and recognize citizen rights above corporate interests;

• preserve and protect voting rights;

• challenge laws that limit reproductive rights;

• improve health care for all, stopping the trend of rural hospital closings and bankruptcies;

• promote gun safety and responsible ownership reducing gun violence;

• stop the dismantling of public education via school vouchers that take our tax dollars away from public schools through handouts to for-profit and church-funded schools;

• improve education at every level and stop the intrusion of far-right influencers in curriculum;

•  promote law enforcement initiatives to reduce crime, engage communities, and promote citizen protection and safer communities; and

•  elect leaders who share our concerns and values.