Eastdale Festival 2023 – HCDP Survey Results

HCDP Outreach Committee volunteers hosted a booth at the September Eastdale Community Fall Festival. In addition to registering voters and distributing voter and election information, festival visitors who stopped by our booth were asked to complete a short survey about the local issues of concern to them.

The survey respondents live in the Hamilton County communities of Avondale, Alton Park, East Chattanooga, Eastgate, and Ooltewah. 

Issues of concern include: gun safety, food deserts, lack of childcare and after-school facilities, elder care, reproductive rights, and the cost of healthcare. Outreach Committee volunteers emphasized that these are issues that HCDP is also concerned about and that we’re actively recruiting candidates to advocate and help pass laws that will improve the quality of living in our county. Outreach volunteers encouraged people to vote local as so many of these issues are addressed at the local and state level. 

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