October 3 County Commission meeting recap

Commissioner Gene Shipley requested that a special committee meeting be held on Oct 18 to let citizens concerned about Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) be heard.

During previous meetings citizens hadn’t been at the table to negotiate policy. Dr. Jean Howard-Hill, one of several audience members to speak, represented black senior citizen homeowners and their fears about safety and home values.

Next Wednesday’s meeting on Oct 11 will address the consolidation of schools in Red Bank and Hixson. Stefanie Dalton, Vice Mayor of Red Bank, will outline her proposal to consolidate Alpine Crest and Rivermont Elementary Schools into one school in Red Bank ( so the community will still have an elementary school).

A second school will be built in Hixson, consolidating Hixson and DuPont. This would replace the County Mayor’s proposed Mega school with 1200+ students.

– Stephany Slay-Butler

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