HCDP Chair Calls Expulsion of Tennessee Lawmakers ‘Assault on Democracy’

Hamilton County, TN: Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Rachel Campbell said that today’s expulsion of Rep. Justin Jones and Rep. Justin Pearson from the Tennessee State House by the Republican supermajority is an assault on democracy and a blatant attack on the right to free speech.

“These duly elected state representatives had the courage and dignity to stand with the young people, teachers, parents and activists who legally and respectfully gathered at the State Capitol to protest gun violence, demand safer gun legislation and mourn the six victims of the Covenant School murders.

“Instead of dealing with life-and-death issues, the House GOP instead chose to go after the two young Black Democratic lawmakers who were trying to bring these issues to the fore. The Republicans today missed an opportunity to make a difference and, instead, chose to undermine the last election by expelling two thoughtful and brave legislators. It is an outrage but it will only motivate those who stand for sane gun laws and a strong, representative democracy.

“This is not the end,” Campbell said.

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