Hamilton County Election Results by Precinct

In response to HCDP’s November 14, 2022 request, Nate Foster, Assistant Administrator of Elections, Hamilton Co Election Commission provided us with this information:

Please see the attached reports. These reports are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. They contain too much data to be easily viewed on a smartphone. The two reports contain similar information but are presented in two different formats. I have also attached a delimited TXT file that can be imported into programs such as Microsoft Excel for sorting and filtering.

We still have provisional ballots outstanding, but we don’t anticipate they will affect the outcome of any individual contest.

We are happy to report that Mauldin and Jenkins CPA firm conducted a post-election audit and reported no notable irregularities, given the sample of precincts inspected.

Thank you,

Nate Foster

Assistant Administrator of Elections

Hamilton County Election Commission                                        

700 River Terminal Road | Chattanooga, TN 37406      

Office Number: 423-209-VOTE | Direct Line: 423-209-8665 | Fax: 423-209-8686


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