HCDP Elects New Members including Party Chair and Vice Chair

Campbell elected party chair; Nix, vice chair

In a HCDP General Assembly meeting held via Zoom on Dec. 6, Rachel Campbell was elected to serve as party chair. She replaces former Chair Rodney Strong who resigned for health reasons. Campbell served as vice chair from 2017 to 2019 and is a current representative for District 12 on the Tennessee Democratic Party’s Executive Committee.

In addition, Sean Nix was elected to fill the vacant vice chair position for HCDP. Nix has been a member of the HCDP General Assembly for several years and was the representative for District 4 in Chattanooga.

The General Assembly also filled positions for both District and Precinct Representative. District representatives sit on the HCDP Executive Committee, which meets every month. Precinct representatives are on the General Assembly, along with HCDP officers and Executive Committee members. The General Assembly meets quarterly. 

Executive Committee:  

D3: Brenda Nunn

D4: Eric Reese

D5: Cynthia Coleman (re-elected)

D7: Wendy Proctor

General Assembly:

D1: Rachel Lewis

D2: Lisa Crowder and Elizabeth Baker

D8: Nick Desjardins

A Word from Chair Rachel Campbell:

I am so grateful for the support of the Executive Committee and General Assembly in electing me as the new chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party. I look forward to working with the members of our body, and volunteers and voters across this county, in turning our county blue! We have much work to do, with many open seats and opportunities in the upcoming election cycle. It will take all of us, and I’m looking forward to the work. As you all know, we now have the responsibility of holding primaries for the school board as well, and so I’d like to take this opportunity to remind each of you that we are in full candidate recruitment mode. If you, or anyone you know, would like to run for office, please direct them to me or to our Campaign Chair Chris Anderson.

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