FAQ for Democratic School Board Primaries in Tennessee

Why do Democrats have to call for partisan school board primaries?

● Republicans changed the law to make school board races partisan.
● The Republican party wants our schools to be a political minefield.
● Republicans’ real goal is to destroy public education.
● Republican extremists think that Democrats will back down and let them sweep school board elections.
● The Democratic Party will stand up to Republican extremism by answering calls for Republican primaries with Democratic primaries.
● Running good Democratic candidates for school board elections shows the community that Democrats will defend our children and public education.
● The blame for the unproductive politicization of education, public health, and civic participation rests firmly on the Republican Party.

What do Democrats stand for on the school board?

● The right to quality public education for all children in Tennessee.
● The health and safety of students, teachers, and staff.
● The right to an excellent education based in fact, reason, and common-sense. ● Caring for our neighbors and community well-being.
● Strength in the face of adversity.
● Liberty and justice for all.
● To serve the interests of all Tennesseans.
● To protect our children from becoming pawns on a political battlefield of lies and propaganda.
● Democratic candidates will hold the line against Republican efforts to use our children’s health and education as political weapons in a cold war against reason and civility.

Should Democrats take the high ground and refuse to play along with the Republican strategy?

● This isn’t a game, Democrats have to stand up to the Republican efforts to destroy public education.
● Democrats take the high ground when we stand up for our children to have an excellent public education.
● Democrats take the high ground when we stand up for healthy, safe schools for all of us.
● The law that has been changed by the Republicans to politicize school boards across Tennessee cannot be ignored or wished away.
● If Democrats stand aside and let the Republican party sweep the school board elections without opposition, we will have the worst possible outcome for our children, our schools, and our communities.

Why do Democrats make better school board members than Republicans?

● Democratic office holders are public servants who put the good of their communities first.
● Democrats serve their constituents well and seek justice for all on issue after issue.
● Good government needs to be the end goal of all elections.
● The values of the Democratic party represent the epitome of good government: fairness, justice, common sense, and community well-being.
● Democrats will stand up united to confront and defeat this onslaught against common sense and truth.

Is it better for Democrats to run as independents? Is it true that Democrats can’t win because Republicans say terrible things about the Democratic Party?

● Republicans call everyone who runs against them a Democrat, being an Independent is no protection from this attack.
● When a Democrat runs as an Independent against other party affiliated candidates, they seem less trustworthy.
● The Democratic Party’s candidates embody strength and bravery, because they champion doing the right thing for others and the community, no matter how difficult.
● Independents are seen as hiding from their true party affiliation and values.
● The Democratic Party’s candidates are seen as honest and straightforward.
● Candidates who hide from their values show shame, fear, and disloyalty to voters.
● The Democratic Party’s candidates show the courage of their convictions.
● Republican opponents pounce on the fear of Independents as so-called proof that the Democratic party is not worth voting for and Democratic values are not worth standing for.
● Proposing to run school board candidates as Independents makes it harder to beat Republicans, not easier.

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