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HCDP Executive Committee member Lisa Guffey has created a new email address at to use if you would be interested in forming a team of like-minded Democrats to volunteer at local organizations working to feed the hungry during this holiday season. If we can get a team of five or more volunteers for the Community Kitchen, the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, and/or Channel 3’s “Share Your Christmas,” she will coordinate a workday for the project in which you’re interested. (Volunteers are, of course, able to set up their own schedules with these organizations. If you do that, please let us know what you’re doing and when:

For the full list of organizations needing help, along with further details, please visit our post: Democrats Care: Fight Hunger Project

The November 18 Kefauver Dinner was a huge success, with inspiring remarks by our Featured Guest Speaker Tennessee House Rep. Gloria Johnson. Our Keynote Speaker, former Wisconsin Lt. Governor and founder of the Long Run PAC, Mandela Barnes, reminded us of the power of state and local offices and the crucial importance of grassroot support for state and local Democratic candidates. The 2023 Kefauver Award was presented to outstanding HCDP volunteer Waynetta Dowdell, in recognition of her tireless work engaging and informing voters in our community.  The very first HCDP Vice-Chair’s Award was presented to HCDP’s Young People’s Caucus Chair Jared Walker, who was recognized for his excellent work as a new HCDP volunteer. We were very happy to hear Chattanoogan Jack Allen announce his candidacy for U.S. Congressional District 03. 

Thank you to our Host Committee Sponsor, Ironworkers Local 704, as well as our deep appreciation for our other valuable sponsors.

Take a look at our Kefauver Photo Gallery to see many of the special guests and attendees who are working to support and Get Out The Vote for Democratic candidates in 2024 and all the years beyond that. As HCDP Chair Rachel Campbell said, “It will take all of us to turn Hamilton County Blue!”

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